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Every few months, Catalyst profiles one of its vendors.

The current Very Important Vendor, or VIV, is the H. Wilson Company.

Since 1959, The H. Wilson Company has been a premier manufacturer of utility carts, audio visual carts, video tables, computer work stations, overhead projector tables, mobile cabinets, TV and speaker mounting systems, tripods, literature racks, and more! They cater to the educational, office, library, and industrial furniture markets. They are considered to be one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacture of high-quality specialty furniture.

For more information or to request a catalogue of H. Wilson's extensive line of carts, racks and multimedia workstation related offerings, please fill out our Quick Quote form, email us at sales@csap.com or call a Catalyst sales rep at 530-272-0106 and we will be happy to help.

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