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You can sell your old Sun computer equipment for cash or even trade-in credits towards the purchase of newer higher performing technologies!

If your business has recently purchased new office technology or decommissioned some older machines, you probably have outdated equipment sitting in a storage area somewhere, taking up space. Catalyst will help you sell off the outdated or underutilized equipment for cash or trade-in value toward a new system or other upgrade needed, either way can be a great source of working capital for your business.

Sell your old Sun desktops, servers, memory, disk and tape subsystems, printers, monitors, and more.

Choose the remarketing program that is right for you:

  • Liquidation . . . for fast cash

  • Consignment . . . to maximize profit

Equipment should be clean, well maintained, in good working condition, and free of any liens and encumbrances.

We prefer to buy in larger quantities, but small orders are always welcome.

Ready to move? Go to the Quick Quote form now!


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